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Explore East Coast U.S. Archaeology

The heat of summer is leaving, and the cool days of fall are settling in on the East Coast. Take this time to go explore the little known archaeological sites the U.S. has to offer. Archaeology is more than the grand ruins of Europe and hidden temples in Central America.

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Tintagel – Archaeology, Myth, and King Arthur

The excavation season at Tintagel Castle, an archaeological site, located in Cornwall, England coast ended August 3rd. After a month of excavations, they have reported some exciting finds. The site is owned by English Heritage and has a unique history. The last week the internet has been abuzz with news of archaeologists discovering a castle at King Arthur’s purported birthplace.

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‘Superhenge’ Revisited – Watching Archaeology

Last year one of the leading discoveries in archaeology was the ‘Superhenge’ found a few miles from Stonehenge. Archaeologist using ground penetrating radar discovered what looked like 90 large buried stones. This summer the ground penetrating radar survey was followed up by what is called ‘ground-truthing.’

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